Happy Easter 2017

Maundy Thursday 

Hello Hugo

This is just a short note to wish you a very happy Easter in Japan; I sent you some items (below) on Tuesday 4 April so I hope that you have them by now.  These included a commemorative coin marking the Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee, about which I posted here earlier in the year.

Easter 2017 2

Easter 2017 1

Easter 2017 3

Your Easter card and presents 

Easter 2017 4 - receipt

Mailing receipt 

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas, Hugo.

This Christmas marks your 6th in Japan.  I don’t suppose that anyone will take you to a church on Christmas Day  but you should, one day when you are old enough, visit Hiroshima’s best kept secret, the Noboricho Cathedral in Naka-ku.  Known as the Memorial Cathedral for World Peace it is built on the site of a parish church that was destroyed by the the 1945 bomb.  The then priest of the parish, also named Hugo (Lassalle), a German citizen who later became a Japanese (taking the name Enomiya Mabiki), survived the bombing and set about raising funds to build the modernist cathedral that stands on the site today.

Image result for catholic cathedral hiroshima

The Cathedral 

I hope that you have an enjoyable Christmas Day in Japan.  You remain, as always, in my thoughts and prayers.  Please see below for the presents that I sent to you on 7 December.

Happy 8th birthday

It is your 8th birthday today.  Your 6th in Japan.  I hope that you have a very good day, and one filled with blessings, in all that you do.  Another year and, amazingly, you will be half way to becoming an adult.

It has been reported that it is going to very very cold in England this week, even by November standards, and a lot colder than where you are.

See below for some items that I mailed to you earlier this month.  I was told by the Post Office clerk who processed the package that it should have reached you mid-to-late last week so I trust that it got there on time.

Happy birthday!





Above:  your birthday card and presents as mailed to you


Above:  Post Office shipping receipt, 18 November 2016 

Halloween 2016

Hello Hugo

Wishing you a happy Halloween in Japan; I have just returned from the Post Office having sent you a small package to mark the occasion (see below).

It’ll be your 8th birthday in just over a month from  now; some of the presents that I am going to send you for that were delivered today so I will get everything in the post to you in about mid-November.

Hope you are keeping well.



Postal receipt