Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year, son.  My thoughts were with you at 15:00 GMT yesterday when the year turned in Japan.  Every good wish for 2018.  I mailed you a New Year card, below along with receipt, a couple of days’ ago so it should be with you soon. New Year is not as big in the UK as Japan and the store did not have a New Year card as such; the best I could find was a card of a cat peering at a fish in a fish tank.

Also below is a photo of the family lunch in Hythe on 10 September last year to mark your Grandad’s 89th birthday, about which I posted last summer.  Also below is a photo taken just after Christmas on 27 December just gone showing Dad/Grandad, my brother and sister and I.  It is very rare that we meet up alone together and I cannot remember when we last did so but it must have been when I was a very young adult – I don’t think that there has been a photo like this of just the four of us since I was a teenager.  We were only able to catch a few hours together but it was very pleasant.

I saw the news a couple of days back that Japan proposes to change the age of majority from 20 to 18 from 2022 so that will cover you as you will turn 18 in 2026, which doesn’t feel all that far off now.  I hope that this reform will help in a small way to embolden you to contact your family in the UK that much sooner.  You are welcome to do so of course at any time as you are hugely missed here.  You will be standing on your own two feet before you know it and will be able to make decisions for yourself.  In the meantime, however, I wish you every happiness and success in year 2018.




Happy Christmas 2017

Happy Christmas, son.  Today marks your 7th Christmas in Japan.  Here’s wishing you a very happy day.  I mailed some items (see photographs below) to you on 6 December, the Post Office’s last posting day for Japan.  According to the tracking, the package arrived, a bit on the early side of Christmas, on 12 December.  I will post another message for you around New Year time.  God bless you.


Christmas 2017 tracking

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas, Hugo.

This Christmas marks your 6th in Japan.  I don’t suppose that anyone will take you to a church on Christmas Day  but you should, one day when you are old enough, visit Hiroshima’s best kept secret, the Noboricho Cathedral in Naka-ku.  Known as the Memorial Cathedral for World Peace it is built on the site of a parish church that was destroyed by the the 1945 bomb.  The then priest of the parish, also named Hugo (Lassalle), a German citizen who later became a Japanese (taking the name Enomiya Mabiki), survived the bombing and set about raising funds to build the modernist cathedral that stands on the site today.

Image result for catholic cathedral hiroshima

The Cathedral 

I hope that you have an enjoyable Christmas Day in Japan.  You remain, as always, in my thoughts and prayers.  Please see below for the presents that I sent to you on 7 December.

Happy Christmas 2015

Happy Christmas!

Here’s hoping that you have a day filled with joy and excitement on Christmas Day  tomorrow.

Everything has been a mad rush workwise  during December as there have been lots of things that I have had to get done by Christmas meaning that I am tired.  Looking forward to getting some rest between Christmas and the New Year.

Below are photographs of what I sent over to you for Christmas this year.  I got it all in the post on the last UK-Asia posting day for Christmas so it all ought to have reached you by now.

Christmas gifts 2015 (1)

Christmas gifts 2015 (2)

Christmas gifts 2015 (3)

Christmas gifts 2015 - postal receipt

I will post a further message to you around New Year time.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas, Hugo.  I am posting this post to you on Christmas Eve as I did last year.  This will be your 4th consecutive Christmas in Japan.  It is at this time of the year more than any other that I think you miss out on not having any current connection with England as Christmas is still special here so it is very different to Japan in that regard.  All the shops and transport systems close and people spend time with their families eating food and opening presents.  I sent your Christmas card and presents (below) to Japan about 2 weeks before the final posting date so they ought to have reached you in good time.  I will be thinking about you in England; hope you have a nice Christmas Day and enjoy opening all your presents.

Christmas 2014 (1)

Your 2014 Christmas presents

Christmas 2014 (2)

Christmas 2014 (3)

Your 2014 Christmas card

Christmas 2014 (receipt)

Post Office shipment receipts