Oliver (2)

Hello Hugo

I hope you are keeping well in Japan.  My thoughts were even more very much with you – as they always are – over recent days given the terrible earthquakes immediately south of you in Kyushu, even though you were safely clear.

On a much more positive note, below is my sister’s official announcement, sent over the weekend just gone, of your cousin’s birth:

Thought you might like to know Baby Oliver was born 8 April (ONLY 12 DAYS LATE!!)  at weighing 7 pounds with a fine head of hair! After emergency C section it will be a while before  I can run unfortunately but we’re all well and enjoying Spring. Had to stay in hospital for 5 days unfortunately as he had a slight infection but that’s all cleared up. Princess Ann Hospital were brilliant and looked after us well (although I do really hate hospitals!)
Love from Liz, Tim and Baby Oliver x
I spoke to her partner, Tim, last week; he said that she was “out cold” at the time of my call but that otherwise baby and mother were fine.
No photos to share as yet but watch this space.



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