Happy Easter 2016

Maundy Thursday


Hello Hugo

Happy Easter.

The above photograph was taken in Covent Garden in London; it shows a large version of the Easter egg that I enjoyed the most when I was around your age.  I mailed you an Easter egg of this brand, along with a card, in Monday’s post so hopefully they will reach you by tomorrow or Saturday.  I hope you have a lovely Easter in Japan.

This is the 4th Easter blog post that I find myself writing to you. March 2016 has been a busy month at work in London and I find myself having to work over the Easter holiday itself as we have an external audit next week. It has also been a month of some sadness as one of my childhood heroes died earlier this month: I fondly remember aged around your age watching on Saturday evenings in the 1980s Paul Daniels’ magic show. He sadly died this earlier month. Such was my admiration for him that, for a while, I wanted to become a magician.  That ambition was thankfully short-lived although I find that in my current legal work clients do expect me to be a magician.

As I posted last year, my sister is going to have your first UK cousin soon. Her due date is this coming Sunday, Easter Day itself.  I am very much looking forward to seeing her child and I hope that you will get to meet him or her (we do not know which yet) one day in the future.

Easter 2016 1

Your Easter card and egg

Easter 2016 2

Post Office receipt




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