Madonna has ‘basically accepted she’s not getting Rocco back’

Madonna has ‘basically accepted she’s not getting Rocco back’

Madonna is growing to realise that she cannot force her teenage son Rocco to live with her, friends say


Madonna with son Rocco

Madonna with son Rocco  Photo: Getty

Madonna has reluctantly accepted that she is losing the battle to force her 15-year-old son Rocco to remain with her, it has been reported – despite the singer doing everything in her power to bring the teenager back.

The 57-year-old divorced Rocco’s father, British film director Guy Ritchie, in 2009 and moved back to the United States.

Madonna and Mr Ritchie had adopted a child from Malawi, David Banda, together in 2006 and under the terms of their divorce – filed in New York – their two children would live with her in the US.

Mr Ritchie at the High Court in London on Thursday

But in December, while Madonna and her family were in Europe as part of her Rebel Heart world tour, Rocco decided to stay with his father and his new wife, Jacqui Ainsley, in London.


Madonna then went to court to try and bring him back, even seeking to use The Hague Convention on child abduction to force his return.

On Sunday the New York Post quoted friends as saying that she had resigned herself to losing her son.

“She’s basically accepted she’s not getting Rocco back,” said a friend. “But she’s holding out to get him back for one weekend per month.”

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have taken their custody battle to court   Photo: Getty

On stage in Auckland on Friday night she burst into tears as she said: “There is no love stronger than a mother for her son,” dedicating a performance of La Vie en Rose to him.

Rocco was seen the next day cycling through London with his father.

Earlier in the week both Madonna and Mr Ritchie held a video conference in New York with the judge hearing their custody battle – who reprimanded the pair for failing to reach an agreement, without dragging the matter through the courts in the full blaze of publicity.

A day later the case was heard in London, with Mr Ritchie fighting to try and have the case heard under UK law.

Mr Ritchie with son Rocco

The case will return to the New York courts later this month, with Madonna asked to present her list of demands. They are believed to include the condition that Mr Ritchie set aside time in the week when she and her other children – Lourdes, 19, and nine-year-old Mercy – can speak to Rocco. The Michigan-born singer wants confirmation of her right to have a say in her son’s education, and reassurance about her son’s whereabouts.

She wants an adult to be informed of Rocco’s whereabouts when he goes out to parties, The Mail on Sunday reported, and a stipulation that Mr Ritchie provides him with “young, hip” bodyguards who can discreetly guarantee his security.

Madonna is also determined that the case continue to be heard in New York – where parents retain greater controls over their children until they are 18 – rather than in the UK where more freedoms are granted to 16-year-olds.

Source:  “Madonna has ‘basically accepted she’s not getting Rocco back'”, The Telegraph, 6 March 2016

Remarks:  The full facts are not very clear and nor frankly should they be as this should be a private matter but, despite being someone who has no interest at all in celebrities, I must say that this can only be incredibly difficult for Rocco’s mother; despite all the resources available to her she finds herself having to give up.  Rocco, though, is now of an age at which, for better or worse, he can speak with his feet – regardless of what the courts have to say about it.  I hope that parents and son can, as I believe the judge suggested, come to an out of court arrangement as to the future.  RY.


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