Happy New Year

Hello Hugo

My earliest memory of London is Waterloo Station, the place where I first arrived in the city on a family visit in the 1980s.  It serves communities in the south eastern part of England and south west London.  It hasn’t changed all that much over the years. One thing that has changed is that a balcony level overlooking the concourse has recently been constructed.  I had reason to pass through the station in early December 2015 and, with no particular reason, decided to take the escalator up to the balcony.  Once I reached the top of the escalator I came across a wonderful gallery comprising of photographs of different parts of the UK.  I took photographs of the ones I liked the most and share these with you below to mark the turn of the year.  Best wishes for the year 2016.

Waterloo 1Waterloo 2Waterloo 3Waterloo 4Waterloo 5Waterloo 6Waterloo 7Waterloo 8Waterloo 9Waterloo 10Waterloo 11Waterloo 12Waterloo 13Waterloo 14Waterloo 15Waterloo 16Waterloo 17Waterloo 18Waterloo 19Waterloo 20


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