Happy birthday, Hugo

Happy (slightly belated) 7th birthday. I hope you had a nice birthday yesterday and got to do something you enjoy and will remember; it is from about age 7 or so that you will remember things into and through your adult life. I was thinking about you and doing my best to imagine what you were getting up to, where and with whom.

You are now a 7-year old boy; I can scarcely believe it as many of your formative years are now behind you. The last time your birthday fell on a Saturday was in 2009 when you celebrated your 1st birthday.  I did not get to share your 2nd with you and, by the time of your 3rd, you were in Japan. I sent you a card and gifts earlier this week; I sent them a little later than I should have done as I could not get away from work during Post Office opening hours until Wednesday. The package should be with you by mid to late next week. Hope you like what I chose for you.

Birthday card and gifts 2015

Card and gifts as sent last Wednesday


Birthday card and gifts 2015 shipment receipt

Royal Mail shipment receipt







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