Final stage of “Walk Across Borders” by Steven Monk Dalton – London

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Day 44 – Brentford to Royal Courts of Justice, London

I cannot believe that Walk Across Borders is now completed. It has been an amazing experience and a personal achievement for me. I stated my reasons and my goals and I feel that these have mainly been achieved

Thank you to everybody who has supported me throughout. It really has meant so much.

Day 44 began at Brentford railway station and I decided to take the route which would take us down by Chelsea Embankment although this made it a little longer, it seemed a nicer route..

It was fantastic to see my friend Holly amongst the people who joined us.. Really did mean a lot that she and her partner made the journey down from Taunton.. Glad we managed to catch up at Hammersmith.. I was getting worried that you wouldnt catch us for a while 🙂

We stopped a few times on the journey since this was a much shorter walking day than any of the other days and arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice at just after 3.15 pm..

Following the end of the journey, we went for a celebration drink and cake at Pret a Manger..

Thank you again for all of your support.. 12.1 miles completed which made the TOTAL distance for Walk Across Borders to be 1083.2 miles.. (1743.25 km)

Some of you might be glad to hear the the lyca will now go in the back of my wardrobe for a while :)…

Thank you so much everybody for your amazing support and very kind comments. Each and every one have been so appreciated.


Thank you everybody who walked with me today and any of the other days… To Michelle who I wish would have been able to be here today… She did most of the work.. I just did the walking

Thank you to the team at Reunite International Child Abuction Centre. In particular, Alison Shalaby who is an absolute diamond

Thank you also to Irene for inviting me to stay and oh wow…. THE BATH !!!! Nearly fell asleep in there!!

I have a few things I need to do in the UK before returning home but I am going to go quiet on social media for a little while so if my facebook page becomes disabled, dont worry… I’m ok and I’ll be back

I hope you will continue to follow this page as I have further plans for Walk Across Borders in the future..

Also, if you would like to donate to my nominated charity, Reunite International Child Abduction Centre, you can do so on my JustGiving page

If you wish to be in touch the next few weeks, contact me on or my mobile 0034 622 925754..

Love and best wishes

Steve xxx


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