Editorial in yesterday’s Sunday Express

Agony of family splits

Express on Sunday

2 August 2015

News that one child is abducted by a parent and taken abroad from the UK every 12 hours makes for sombre reading.

With the rise of migration, particularly within the EU, more and more Britons are having children with foreign partners.

This has led to a startling increase in children being taken illegally abroad by a parent when the relationships break down.

The agony this causes, particularly when siblings are separated from each other, is truly heartbreaking.

Even support from the courts does not guarantee a resolution.

The police in many countries seems unable or unwilling to carry out the courts’ orders.

As a result, people are increasingly turning to specialists to get their youngsters back.

Just one investigator working for Child Abduction Recovery International claims to have retrieved 100 abducted children from 50 countries.

However,the tactics, which involve laying in wait to snatch the missing son or daughter, are traumatic for everyone.

All governments must work together to ensure that justice is done and the interests of these children are put first.

Source:  “Agony of family splits” (editorial), Express Newspapers, 2 August 2015


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