First return order: Osaka High Court dismisses mother’s appeal

On 21 November 2014 I wrote here about the first Hague Convention return order issued by a Japanese court.  A judge in the Osaka Family Court ordered the return of a child to Sri Lanka.  The mother, who had taken the child to Japan, appealed – about which I wrote briefly on 9 December 2014.  It has now been reported that the High Court of Osaka has upheld the original decision and dismissed the mother’s appeal thereby clearing the way for the implementation of the first Hague Convention return order of a child from Japan.  There is a further right of appeal but it is to the Supreme Court so the odds must be very much against the case going any further in the system, all the more so because, as I wrote before, it is difficult to see how the courts could have arrived at any other decision.  It now remains to be seen whether and when the order will be enforced.

There do not appear to be any English language reports of the latest decision available.  I have only been able to find this report of it in Japanese (taken from the Sankei Shimbun and published on 30 January 2015):

2015.1.30 19:40更新

スリランカへ子供の返還命令 母親の即時抗告棄却 大阪高裁





Source:  Sankei Shimbun, 30 January 2015 


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