Eileen Clark case

I wrote about the case of Eileen Clark on 4 July last year.  In High Court proceedings, she unsuccessfully resisted removal to the United States to face criminal charges of child abduction.  The full facts are set out in the previous post.  Having lost, Ms Clark was subsequently extradited to the States and entered a guilty plea.  There was a lot of media coverage in the UK of her attempts to resist answering for her actions.  This quickly fizzled out after she was removed – I have only been able to find one significant post-extradition media article from a UK source, The Independent newspaper. Last month she was  sentenced to probation by a New Mexico court, something which the media in the UK has been silent about. She is reported to be free to return to the UK, where the abducted children remain.  The only report that I could find about the sentencing was this one from KRQE News 13, a local news organisation.  I set out the full text below for future readers in case the link becomes dead:

Woman sentenced to probation in NM kidnapping case

Published: December 17, 2014, 6:08 pm

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – There will be no jail time for a woman who kidnapped her own children from Placitas nearly 20 years ago and then fled the country.

A judge sentenced Eileen Clark to just a year of unsupervised probation Wednesday. Clark once held a spot on the FBI’s most wanted list and the case received national attention. In 1995, Clark took the kids who were then just 2, 5 and 7 from their home.

According to an FBI agent, it happened after her then-husband John, asked for a divorce. In 2008, authorities learned Clark and the kids were in London. She was brought back to the U.S. this summer to face charges. In October she pleaded guilty to international parental kidnapping. Her ex-husband says he’s glad the 20-year saga is finally over and hopes to re-connect with his kids.

The judge had harsh words for Clark. He told her to thank her lucky stars that she’s not going to prison for robbing her kids of their father. She’s now free to return to the UK, where her kids still live.

Source:  “Woman sentenced to probation in NM kidnapping case”, KRQE News 13, 17 December 2014


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