Two abducted children return to Canada

Following on from the, in the end, uncontested return of a boy from Japan to Germany, there is now a separate report that two children taken by their mother to Japan were last month returned to Canada. A 6 December 2014 Japan Times article about it implies that the return came about through a process of mediation.  The parents were not, initially, able to reach agreement as to the father’s application to have the children returned.  Before the matter could be dealt with by a court the parents entered into mediation and this brought about an agreement for the children, aged 4 and 6, to return.  The mediation system was one run by the Tokyo Bar Association – it is not clear if there are others – and it was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – again, it is not clear if this is standard procedure on their part or not.  Whilst, of course, welcome these returns show that a child has yet to actually leave Japan following a court order.


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