First return order: mother to appeal

The mother in the case that I blogged about on 21 November 2014 has decided to appeal the Osaka Family Court’s decision to return the child to Sri Lanka – so no actual return can take place for the time being at least. The case represented the first such order since the Hague Convention entered into law in Japan on 1 April 2014.  There is a report of the appeal having been brought in the Mainichi News dated 4 December 2014 here and an almost identical one of the same date  in the Japan Times here.  The information that is available is limited to the fact that an onward appeal has been lodged; there is no word about the grounds of that appeal, how long it will take to resolve and whether it will be an appeal limited to legal points or whether the merits of the return as a whole will be re-opened.  As I wrote before, on the face of it, this was an open and shut case so it will be interesting to see what the basis of challenge to the Osaka’s judge’s decision is.


One thought on “First return order: mother to appeal

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