Happy 6th Birthday

Hello Hugo

You are 6 years’ old today. Happy 6th birthday my (not so) little man.  Though not by design, this is also the 100th post on this blog.

You will, in your 6th year, start school in Japan – in about 5 months’ from now I believe.  I hope that it won’t be too much of a change for you as you’ve spent some time going to nursery whilst living in Japan as I understand it.  Its difficult to say much about this sort of thing to you because my primary school days were 30-odd years ago, although I do remember the first day, and also because schooling in Asia, with its emphasis on rote learning, is very different to that in the UK.  Enjoy your last  birthday ‘free’ of the educational system – you will probably be in your early twenties when you next have a birthday at which you are not in full-time education.

I hope that you get everything that you will have been dreaming of today; please see below for photographs of the card presents that I mailed to you in Japan.  Among the usual stuff that (I think) a 6 year old boy would be thrilled with, these presents include a special gift as you are a bit older now:  a commemorative set of coins issued by the Royal Mint (Ltd) in the UK to mark the year 2014, in particular the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.  The actual anniversary was on 28 July 2014 but, as I posted on the 11th of this month, November 2014 seems to be the focal point at which the 100th anniversary is being recognised, in the UK anyway, due to the fact of Armistice Day being this month.  The gift is also, I hope it will turn out, a fitting one for you because the Royal Mint of Japan has one of its two branches in the very ward that (I believe) you are still living in in Hiroshima, Saeki-ku.  No doubt, as it is just round the corner from you, you will go there on a school trip or something like that one day in the not too distant future and will see for yourself – its grounds are only open for one week a year in the spring as people visit to see the spring blossom trees there.

Happy birthday, little man – have a nice day there.

Birthday 2014 (2)

Your 2014 birthday card

Birthday 2014 (1)

Your 2014 birthday presents

2014 United Kingdom Commemorative Proof Coin Set

Commemorative coin set for 2014 (commercial photograph)

Birthday 2014 mailing receipts

Post Office shipment receipts


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