Concerns parental child abductions will continue in Japan despite international pressure

ABC News Radio (Australia) conducted an interview earlier this month, now available online, with Dr Debito Arudou of the University of Hawaii.  I have only just come across it.  Dr Arudou maintains a very well-known blog about Japanese culture, including various references to the problem of international parental child abduction and the reasons, such as they are, behind it.  In the interview he suggests that the Hague Convention, thus far, has only empowered Japanese as there have been no returns to Japan and because of the country’s abductor-takes-all family law system as it relates to children.  He is far from alone in thinking this.  It is a short interview but still worth listening to, particularly if you are new to these issues, as it provides a succinct overview of the nature of the problem and the way in which the ratification of the Hague Convention has yet to make any meaningful difference because of Japan’s non-interventionist and antiquated approach to family related disputes.

Source:  ABC News Radio, 10 October 2014 (accessed on 27 October 2014)


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