Swiss court orders return of child to Japan

Today’s Japan Times reports as its second item that a Swiss court has now ordered the return of a child to Japan under the Hague Convention.  This follows reports in the summer of a UK court doing likewise, about which I wrote here and here.  The Swiss case concerned an 8 year old boy taken to Switzerland from Japan by his American father; the return was ordered last month but reports about it have only just surfaced in Japan – and seemingly nowhere else at the time of writing.  The suspicion has to be that, but for the fact that the abducting parent in this case is reported to have been a non-Japanese, the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo – which prompted the piece in The Japan Times – would not have drawn attention to the case.  At the time of writing, there is only one comment at the bottom of the JT article – it being the night in Japan – but it would be an idea to revert back to it for the comments which are likely to be more instructive than the coverage itself.


One thought on “Swiss court orders return of child to Japan

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