End of Summer 2014

Hello Hugo

It is the last day of August today so summer will soon become autumn and autumn will soon again quickly evolve into another winter, the season that you and I were both born in.  So ends your third summer living in Japan.  You spent a total of three summers in the UK (2009, 2010 (to 4 July) and 2011) so it has now been three summers in each country.  True to form, the weather in the UK is already beginning to turn sour.

August 2014 saw a bad landslide in Hiroshima which will, no doubt, be spoken of for years to come – it already has its own Wikipedia page.  I was really happy and relieved to hear that you were ok and did my best from the UK to find out what I could as quickly as I could from the moment that I became aware of the landslide.  Because of the landslide, August 2014 has unexpectedly been the busiest month so far in terms of blog posts since I set up this site in November 2012:  there have been 12 posts this month, including this one, and this post will be the 80th in total.  So it seems to be a good moment to review the blog.

Here are some facts about your blog:

  • The blog now has two external links to it of which I am aware – this and this.
  • The blog enjoys a respectable and steadily growing number of followers; these are largely people who I do not know but to whom I am very grateful for their interest in regard to you in Japan.
  • The blog statistics provided by WordPress tell me that the blog is read most in the UK (but that is because I look at it a lot myself so this does not really count) followed by, in order of country, Japan and the United States.  Until this month the most hits after the UK were in the US but Japan is now (just and as of August 2014) in second place with the US very close behind.  The blog has also been read in a large number of other countries.
  • The blog has also meant that some other parents with sons and/or daughters in Japan in the same or similar situations have contacted me through the blog’s contact page to give advice and, best of all, encouragement; some of them have their own blogs or websites in respect of their own children. I have heard from parents in Japan itself, the UK, continental Europe, the United States and Canada. A number of these cases have attracted media attention and one person who contacted me has published a book about his experiences.  I am very grateful to these parents for what they have said to me; a number of them, seeing the photos on the blog, have remarked what a fine looking son I have and how proud I must be – as indeed I am.

Autumn is always beautiful and temperate in Japan – although I am sad not to be able to see you, and although I utterly deprecate the legal settlement that prevents me from doing anything about it, you are a fortunate young man to live in such a beautiful country.

You turn six later this year and will, therefore, start elementary (we call it ‘primary’ in the UK) school in Japan in (I believe) April 2015.  I will, of course, write a lot more about this between now and then but, when you get to read this blog, you can check out my elementary school here. I left there aged 11 back in 1989.

Make the most of the opportunities available to you in Japan Hugo and, until next time, take care.



2 thoughts on “End of Summer 2014

  1. Just wanted to leave a comment of support for you and your journey to find and reunite with your son. I return often to read and hope that one day you will be able to be a bigger part of your sons life. Good luck and thank you for keeping this blog updated.

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