Hiroshima landslide: update (4)

Finally, as a report earlier today states that the death toll has surpassed 70 and looks set to rise to 80-something, I have received a reply of sorts, set out below, from the Consulate General.

As indicated before, I also raised with the Consulate General a query regarding the renewal of my son’s fairly recently-expired British passport.  I will post more on this later, after receiving the response on the point as it is obviously a matter of some importance to my case and others.


From: [name removed]
Sent: ‎27/‎08/‎2014 02:46
To: [email address removed]
Subject: [removed]

Dear [name removed]

I have called the mother on Monday but no one answered the phone.

So I have sent her an e-mail instead on Monday and received her reply today on 26th.

In her e-mail she didn’t answer your question on whether Hugo kun is safe and said that she would like to receive an e-mail directly from you not via the Consulate as she is sincere in replying to your inquiry/question.

Please note that as of 25th August there is no British on the list of dead/missing persons.

I will reply to you separately on your passport questions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

[name removed] | Pro-Consul | British Consulate-General Osaka | Epson Osaka Building 19F | 3-5-1 Bakuro-machi | Chuo-ku | Osaka 541-0059 | Japan |

Tel: + 81 (0)6 6120 5600 |  FTN 8461 5603 | Fax: + 81 (0)6 6281 1731 |   www.gov.uk/world/japan

Follow FCO consular on Facebook and Twitter or the British Consulate-General Osaka on Facebook.

We welcome your feedback on our services.


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