Hiroshima landslide: update (3)

The situation on the ground remains a distressing one. Today it has been reported in the Japan Times that the number of deaths has reached 58 with 28 still missing.  A landslide of this magnitude has not been seen in Hiroshima-ken since 1999. Given that 5 days have now passed since these events originally unfolded, it is difficult to see how there will be any survivors amongst those who remain missing.

After I posted on Friday, the Japan Times reported that the situation has turned political as these events, wherever they occur, have a habit of doing. On Sunday the same publication drew attention to ill-preparedness on the part of 32 prefectures in relation to the threat of landslides.

There is no news at all from the Consulate General about my son so it has also been 5 days without any information about his welfare in the light of events in his city (I almost typed ‘home town’, as the Japanese are fond of saying, but, even if now undeniably true, it didn’t seem right to put it that way). It is a bank (i.e. national) holiday in the UK today but the Consul I am in contact with indicated that she would again attempt to call my son’s mother in the course of today, suggesting that the Consulate in Osaka is open for business as usual: just to make sure I checked online and the Consulate there seems to recognize only the Japanese national holidays, of which there are a great many. Hopefully there will be some news tomorrow or Wednesday.  As it is the early hours of Tuesday in Japan now, I am resigned to a further night without any news.


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