Hiroshima landslide: update (2)

Further to the posts yesterday and the day before I have received a further (holding) email from the Consulate General and, again, reproduce it below.  In addition to seeking further clarification about the precise location of the landslide, I raised a question about the renewal of my son’s passport which is something that I have been meaning to raise for some months now as the original one, used to remove him in 2011, expired a few months back.

Before receiving today’s email, I had draft-prepared a post along the lines of wishing that my country’s mission in Japan would do more to push the boat out as regards obtaining some direct information, in the light of recent events in Hiroshima, given the day-to-day news blackout that I have to put up with as regards my son.  I had resigned myself to the Consulate General not trying to telephone to find out whether Hugo is alright, but they in fact did (there was no answer) and will try again next week.  I might therefore obtain a snippet of information about my son.  It is always a difficult balance to strike as regards the local mission:  I am, of course, very grateful for even the smallest things that they can do to help but, as a taxpayer who finds himself in this intolerable situation, I suppose that I would like to see the UK authorities in Japan doing more to keep up to speed with my son – he is, after all, a British citizen, not to mention a young child and the mission is there for his benefit as much as mine.

As regards the situation on the ground, the BBC now reports that ‘at least’ 39 people have been confirmed as having died and the number of missing has ‘jumped’ to 51. Rain is said to be hampering rescue efforts and further landslides are expected.  Coverage in The Japan Times indicates that it has been accepted by the municipal authorities that a late warning was given; the prefecture is the most landslide-prone in Japan.  The same publication confirms that the original landslide centred on Asaminami-ku which, as indicated before, is very close to where I believe my son to be living.




From:  [email address removed]
Sent: ‎22/‎08/‎2014 08:59
To: [email address removed]
Subject: RE: Hugo Oliver Daisuke Young (dob 28 Nov 2008)

Dear [name removed]


Thank you for your reply.


I have called her today but she was not available, I am afraid.

I will call her again on Monday.


And I will reply to you separately regarding your passport inquiry.


Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,



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