1,000 days (20 November 2011 to 16 August 2014)

Hello Hugo

Today sadly marks the passage of exactly 1,000 days since the last time I saw you.  That was in London on 20 November 2011, a date that will remain with me forever.  I am sure that you have grown up a lot since then and must be very different to the little boy that I remember so fondly.

Today also marks 18 years to the day since I received my A-level results (16 August 1996) enabling me to read law at university from that autumn.  It is amazing to think that you are now significantly closer in age to taking your university entrance exams in Japan (the equivalent of A-levels in the UK) than the time that has passed since I was in that position.  Exams are not something that you have to think about at your age – not even in Japan – but, when you eventually reach my age, you will be pleased that they are very much in the past.

I mailed some gifts to Hiroshima for you last week as I haven’t sent you anything since Easter.  I just sent you some clothes, food and DVDs to enjoy.  See photograph below:

Gifts, summer 2014

Hope you are not sweltering too much in the summer in Japan.  I remember the summers in Japan well:  I had to walk a few minutes from where I lived to the station to get the train to work and, by the time I got to the station, my work shirt was always drenched with sweat.  It was always a major relief to step on to the air-conditioned train, even if it was crowded.

Hope you had a nice day in Japan.


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