Airline move

T3 forecourt
London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3 Plaza:  my son walked across this plaza and, in doing so, breathed his last outside air in England before boarding a flight to Japan on 20 November 2011

Events that, in the ordinary course of life, would pass by unnoticed and unremarked upon, can come to assume solemn, if pitiful, reminders of the absence of (in my case) a child. You notice lots of things that you would not otherwise notice or pay the remotest bit of attention to.

My son was taken to Japan 941 days ago today – the 1,000 days anniversary will be upon me the month after next, another date that, but for the loss of my son, would pass unnoticed. The last time I saw him was at the security gate at Heathrow’s Terminal 3. I go back to the spot from time to time to retrace some of my son’s last steps on British soil. The airline that flew him one-way to Japan relocates today to the (newly rebuilt) Terminal 2; I wish it wasn’t moving as there goes another link with my son. The plans to redevelop that terminal pre-date my son’s birth. It is another of those sad reminders of not only what has happened but that life goes on and things change all around me – even though my life itself has stood resolutely still, frozen in time as at 20 November 2011.

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BBC News:

Update (26 June 2014): Daily Mail article (23 June 2014) of The Queen Opening the Queen’s Terminal:


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