Update: Easter/early summer 2014

Hello Hugo

I hope you had a nice Easter in Japan last month.

Your Great Grandfather, Jim, died six years ago the day before yesterday, exactly six months to the day before you were born – something I have written about on this blog before.  In the past, I have always visited his resting place in west London on or around 28 May.  This 28 May I could not as I moved from London to Manchester last month to begin a new job after almost 18 years living, studying and then working in London.  Fortunately, however, I have to go to London next month for work purposes so will make a point of going along to his resting place then; I will still be a regular visitor to London as will continue to do some freelance work there.  I went to a local church here instead to pay my respects.

The Conservative Party won back control of Kingston-upon-Thames Borough Council, where you used to live prior to going to Japan, a few days back.  The last time they had control was in 1982 when I was about the same ago as you are now.

It has turned to the summer again, your third in a row in Japan.  I have just checked and the weather seems very warm there. God bless and watch over you there.

Easter card 2014

Easter card (posted to you in Japan, April 2014)