Christmas 2013

Hello Hugo

This is just to wish you a very happy Christmas in Japan – this will be your third Christmas in a row there without any choice for you about whether you want to see your father.  It is of some comfort to me, and I hope one day to you, that there are, sadly, many other children and parents in the same position that we again find ourselves in this Christmas – so we are not alone and never will be.  Since setting up this blog a year and a bit ago, a number of such parents, both in Japan itself and throughout the world, have contacted me and I them.  May God bless, guard and watch over you in this season and in all seasons, my beloved son.

I hope that you enjoy wearing, eating and playing with the various gifts I sent to you for Christmas from London; also I really hope that they safely reached you in time.  Not having seen you for some two years, not having had experience of a child before (either of my own or, when it comes to it, in the immediate family) and not knowing your latest likes, dislikes, interests, tastes, hobbies and so on, it can be difficult to choose the right things to get you. I do my best to choose well for you and always spend a lot of time planning and thinking about what to get, making decisions based on my research and what I do know about you from the past.

I am posting this message on Christmas Eve, 24 December, in the UK as it might be difficult to access the internet on Christmas Day itself and immeditaely thereafter.  Have a nice Christmas, son. I will be thinking about you, and what you are doing, saying and thinking, as always.  I will post a further messsage for you at around new year time.

Christmas 2013 gifts

Your Christmas card and presents

Christmas 2013 postal recipts

Post Office mailing receipts


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