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Hello Hugo

I just came across this article purely by chance.  A bus going under a bridge that was too low for it is a fairly regular occurrence in London, but this incident occurred about 3 hours’ ago on a road only about 2 minutes’ walk from where you last lived in London.  Whenever I go back to visit your old home (I am now up to 105 such visits since you went to Japan in late 2011), I always walk along this very stretch of road to and from the local station:


Bus hits rail bridge in Kingston after wrong turn

23 December 2013

Transport for London said the bus hit a rail bridge near Norbiton Station

A bus has been damaged after taking a wrong turn and hitting a railway bridge in south-west London.

The 131 double-decker bus was out of service when the collision happened at 13:00 GMT on Coombe Road in Kingston.

Transport for London (TfL) said there were no passengers on board the bus and no reported injuries.

Alex Whitman, who saw the aftermath of the crash, said: “I was quite shocked. It’s one of those things you don’t expect to see.”

Mike Weston, TfL’s Director of Buses, said: “The bridge was not damaged and rail services are unaffected.

“There were no injuries and the incident will be fully investigated.”

The road has been closed in both directions.

Source:  “Bus hits rail bridge in Kingston after wrong turn”, BBC News, 23 December 2013



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