Kingston Crown Court

Hello Hugo

I represented a client at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court yesterday. Although it is a criminal court, it was dealing with a civil case; I only deal with civil cases. The trip was significant for two reasons:

1. You used to live in Kingston, immediately prior to going to Japan. Although I visit the area often because of this – today was the 91st such visit since you went to Japan – it was the first time that I visited the area for work purposes.

2. Although I have not visited before as a lawyer, this was not my first visit to this court. The first and previous visit was in 2000 or 2001 when I was work shadowing a criminal barrister presenting the prosecution case. I was a law student at the time. I cannot remember anything about the case but I do remember the barrister’s name – she went on to act as junior prosecution counsel in this recent high profile case (maybe read this when you are older as it is not a nice case).

My hearing yesterday was frustrating because the person who had prepared the client’s case could have done a better job and the judge was also unnecessarily difficult, something which my opponent agreed with me about on the way out afterwards. I finished just after 2pm and had a meeting in nearby Wimbledon at 4.30pm so I spent the waiting time by visiting the spot on the edge of the River Thames where we fed the ducks in the past and then by going back to see your old home.


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