85 today

Hello Hugo

My father/your paternal grandfather turned 85 years old today, a great milestone by any reckoning.  He was born in Calcutta (as it was then known) in India, then part of the British Empire.  It was a very different world when he was born on 10 September 1928, exactly a week after Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin at St Mary’s Hospital in London – I remember learning about that in history at school.

A celebratory lunch had been arranged for the weekend just gone but it had to be postponed; it will hopefully be rescheduled for the near future.  My maternal grandmother turned 83 the day before yesterday so it will be her turn in 2 years’ time.

Below is a photograph taken 5 years ago on the occasion of the gathering for his 80th birthday:

Dad's 80th 4

The Waterloo Arms Pub, Pikes Hill, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England – September 2008, just over 2 months before you were born 

Left to right:  partner of longstanding client of Dad; Andrew, longstanding client of Dad; my brother, Eddy; Uncle Bill from Guernsey; Nick, my sister’s (then) partner; Jean (Dad’s first wife who sadly died in October 2012); me; Dad; and my sister, Liz


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