Tokyo 2020

Hello Hugo

Last night Tokyo was successful in its bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games; it will be 8 years after London did so in 2012.  In the summer of 2020 you will be just over 11 and a half years old so I am sure that it will be something that you will always remember.  It will be the second time that Tokyo hosts the summer Games:  it last did so in 1964 – it was going to do so in 1940 as well but these Games were cancelled due to World War II.  Tokyo will be the first Asian city to host the Games twice.  I draft-prepared this post, with the photos below, back in July this year as I had a premonition that Tokyo would overcome the competition; Tokyo’s competition was much less stiff than that faced by London when it was awarded the Games in 2005 but, all the same, the city won by a convincing margin.  Your city of Hiroshima, in a “joint bid” with Nagasaki, was an early bidder for the same Games but withdrew in 2011, leaving it to Tokyo to compete for Japan.

The summer 2012 Olympics in London took place before I set up this blog. However, although I did not attend any events, I did take some photographs.  I have not posted them before now as I believed, as I said, that Tokyo would be the likely winner of the 2020 Games so I thought that I would save the photographs to post at the time that Tokyo was successful.

I hope that you will be able to attend the Games in Tokyo in 7 years’ time and one day get to tell me about it.

Olympics 4

Olympics 3

Two photographs taken on 25 July 2012 – Olympic Torch going past my upstairs office in north London

Olympics 1

Wembley Stadium, summer 2012; I worked near here for over a year, including when you went to Japan, and would catch the train back into town each evening from here; some of the Olympic events were held here

Olympics 2

A poor picture (taken from a train with a very dirty window on an unseasonably dull day) of the Olympic Stadium, in east London, in early summer 2012; this was the closest I got to the action

Olympic gifts 2012

The presents I sent you in Japan last year to mark the occasion of the London Olympic Games 


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