Summer 2013

Hello Hugo

It is well and truly the summer now in the UK.  There are warnings in the media about a continued and aggressive heatwave in southern England.  In my letters to you in the second quarter of this year, sent by post, I spoke of how this year was unseasonably cold.  Anyway that has all changed now.

Buckingham Palace, London, summer 2013 

Despite the weather, this summer in London promises to be less exciting than the  summer of 2012 – from before I set up this blog – which saw the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as well as the Summer Olympic Games.  However, earlier this month a Briton, Andy Murray, won Wimbledon for the first time since Virginia Wade did 1977, the year I was born.  You have to go back to 1936 for the last time a male Briton, Fred Perry, did so.

Below are some pictures that I took back in June 2012 on the main day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – as you can see the weather that day, despite being the summer, was not good…

London 3 June 1


Houses of Parliament, June 2012 (above)


London 3 June 4


London Eye, June 2012 (above)


London 3 June 6


On Waterloo Bridge, June 2012 (above)


London 3 June 3


View of Waterloo Bridge taken from the Embankment, June 2012 (above)


London 3 June 2


View from Waterloo Bridge, June 2012 (above)


London 3 June 5


Watching black and white footage of the Queen’s coronation (above)


Jubilee boat


The boat that the Queen rode down the River Thames on on her Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 (above); I came across the same barge by chance on my way to work some months later

I hope that you are enjoying the summer months in Japan.  It looks even hotter there than here.  This will be your second full summer there so I guess that you are getting used to the humidity now. The humidity there does take some getting used to.

It would be great to hear from you sometime.