Father’s Day 2013

Hello Hugo

It is Father’s Day today in the UK as well as in Japan; that being the case, it does make me wonder whether you are now old enough to think of your own father and where he is and what he is doing.

Today of all days I wish that we could have done something together.  I went back to Kingston-upon-Thames again today to remember where we fed the ducks and other wildfowl in the River Thames just before you went to Japan.  I really regret not taking photographs of you doing so – at the time, I had no idea that that day was going to be the second to last day on which I would see you.  I am sure that you are still not too old to feed the ducks. I clearly remember doing the same at this lake near where I used to live when I was a child.  It would have been very nice to have done that with you again today and then had a lunch together in a restaurant overlooking the Thames, as we did before.  Sadly, it has not been possible on Father’s Day this year.  Below are some photographs, taken by me at different times since you left, of the walkway where we fed the London ducks together in the winter of 2011…

River Thames Kingston 23 April 2013

Kingston-Upon-Thames (spring), taken on 23 April 2013 

River ThamesKingston 19 Nov 2012

Kingston-Upon-Thames (winter), 19 November 2012 – exactly one year to the day after we fed the ducks there:  at the time I went back, there were other children doing exactly the same

Charter Quay Kingston 20 May 2012

Charter Quay, Kingston-Upon-Thames (view looking inland from the walkway shown in previous photographs); taken on 20 May 2012 – this was exactly six months to the day after you went to Japan and the first time since then that I went back to the area where you used to live in London 


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