Its been 18 months

Hello Hugo

Today marks exactly 18 months since you were taken from the UK and, as such, 18 long months since I last saw you. Today also marks 6 months since this blog was set up for you.  I miss you every day but on the “anniversary” days such as this I miss you even more.  I am representing a client in court later this morning but hope to get away quickly; afterwards, as I often do, I plan to again return to the area where you used to live in Kingston Borough and again re-trace the routes that we took when we would go out walking there, just the two of us.  It makes me very happy to do that.  About 3 weeks ago – on 29 April 2013 – I made the 50th such visit since you left for Japan; today’s visit will be number 54.  I often wonder how many such visits there will be before I can get to see you again.

One thing that your mother and I always agreed about was that we want what is best for you.  Although being separated from me is not for the best I hope that you are enjoying your life in Japan and that, in time, you will be able to take full advantage of the good educational opportunities on offer there.

Anyway, I need to go to work now – it is just after 7 am here.  Have a nice day in Japan, Hugo, whatever you are up to.


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